Fauna Monitoring Guide

Steps to monitoring fauna on your property

  • Fill out your ‘Data Collection Sheet’
  • Find a spot to set up your camera
  • Set up camera and make sure camera is turned on
  • Remove and review the SD card on your computer without moving the camera in the first 24 hours for image quality or over-triggering caused by movement of trees
  • Remove and review the SD card every 1-2 weeks deleting any photos not containing wildlife
  • Change location of camera if no wildlife has been captured
  • Record species in your ‘Species Data Sheet’

(Crimson Rosella Platycercus elegans)

(Pied Currawong Strepera graculina )

Tips & Tricks

  • Wedge sticks between the back of the camera and the tree to angle the camera
  • Use ‘test’ function on camera to check visibility
  • Set up facing bird baths/ponds or known water sources
  • Set up camera facing South or facing away from the sun to prevent glare on photos
  • Set up in known wildlife corridors/thoroughfares
  • Google a species common name to find its scientific name
  • Send photos of unidentified species to MCLG Coordinator for assistance in identifying species
  • Change your camera location if no results are found in the first week
  • Look for signs of wildlife activity for an ideal camera site
  • Use already known wildlife hotspots

Online Resources

Follow the links below to find some instructional videos that will help your monitoring project achieve the best results. 

(Common Bronzewing Phaps chalcoptera)

For further assistance please contact the project coordinator

m. 0497 770 075

e. moorabool.landcare@gmail.com