Projects & Equipment

Projects & Equipment

Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group provides its volunteers with equipment it needs for most of its projects. If you would like to rent any equipment, listed below is a sample of what’s available.

Hamilton Tree Planters

  • 9 x Hamilton Tree Planters (both square and round hole)


The Hamilton tree planter extracts a core of soil from the ground, allowing space for trees to be planted. This easy-to-use stainless steel hand tool can be used in most soil types and is ideal for planting seedlings propagated from tubes or cells.

To use, place the planter on the ground where you want the hole and stand on the side platform until a hole of desired depth is reached. Place plant in the hole and fill remaining gaps with leftover extracted soil.

Kidney Trays

  • 3 x Kidney Trays


Kidney Trays are large plastic trays that assist with carrying tube stock while planting. The shoulder and waist straps make the tray ideal for carrying and planting simultaneously, as well as allowing the user to carry a lot of weight without neck or back strain.

  • Length: 490mm
  • Width: 300mm
  • Depth: 200mm
  • Weight: 1.33kg

MCLG Project Snapshots

Restoration of native Habitat of the Paddock Creek Reserve, Gordon 2013-14

Project Number: 2012SG00168
Partner: Friends of Paddock Creek Reserve
Source of Funding: Department of Environment and Primary Industries: Community for Nature – Round Two
Total Funding: $7,333.26
Status: Completed

In 2013 we successfully completed a year-long project to:

  • Control and monitor Blackberry Bushes
  • Install nest boxes for birds and mammals
  • Revegetate the area
  • Construct wildflower garden beds
  • Educate communities and promote wildlife and natural paddock growth

The revegetation was completed by Mount Clear Scouts and nest boxes were completed and installed by the Ballan Men’s Group. Volunteers from both the Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group and Friends of Paddock Creek assisted throughout in garden bed construction and weed control.

This area is now managed on-goingly by Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group and the Friends of Paddock Creek Reserve.

Landcare Recruitment Drive for Upper Moorabool River Catchment Landholders 2012-13

Project Number: CMAVRI2012
Source of Funding: Corangamite Catchment Management Authority
Total Funding: $740.00
Status: Completed

The aim of this project was to increase awareness of Landcare within the catchment and promote greater participation, specifically from rural landholders. The Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group raised awareness in landholders, groups of investors and potential partner organisations. They achieved this by distributing approximately 1,600 leaflets and putting up large roadside signs on four of the major highways and roads.

Owing to this funding and raised awareness, we now have two projects fully funded over 2013-15 involving revegetation for biolinks and invasive weed control.

Moorabool Biolinks Project 2011-2013

Project Number: CAG-1078817-1334
Source of Funding: Caring for Our Country – Community Action Grant
Total Funding: $20,504.00
Number of Properties Included: 13
Trees Planted: 7,000
Hectares Revegetated: 18Ha
Fencing: 2.5km
Status: Completed

The purpose of this project was the reduce habitat fragmentation and provide corridors between areas of the Upper Moorabool River.

Landcare volunteers and members were involved in carrying out on-ground works, which entailed revegetation of the river and reconnecting habitat linkages in the east-west direction, to complement the existing north-south connections. This allowed a greater capacity of movement for local species.

Threatened Bats of the Upper Moorabool River Catchment 2015-2017

Source of Funding: The R E Ross Trust – The Protection and Preservation of Australian Flora and Fauna
Total Funding: $25,590
Number of Properties Included: On-going
Trees Planted: On-going
Status: Currently open

The MCLG has been awarded $25,590.00 over three years (2015-2017), receiving $8,530.00 in April of those years for the project Threatened Bats of the Upper Moorabool River Catchment Region.

The MCLG will be performing surveying and monitoring of local bat species and installing bat-specific nestboxes and habitat plants over the 2015-17 year period of this project. The aim of this project is to rehabilitate and create habitat for the endangered southern bent-wing bat as well as record which local bat species are present within the Moorabool region. Southern bent-wing bat populations have been reduced by 67% since 1990.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact or 0402 500 580 and indicate your interest in the following areas:

a) hosting a survey night – harp traps and anabat recordings will be set up on your property for one night by FedUni or similar contractor. Will be open to the public to learn about bat trapping techniques and to see bats/learn information about local bat species. Will need to be monitored for three years, but only one of those years needs to be a public event.

b) interested in having bat nestboxes or bat habitat (trees/shrubs with flaky bark, will produce hollows later in life) installed or planted on your property.

Please note that an indication will allow us to plan how much of the $8,530 will be going towards bat boxes/trees and monitoring/surveys each year.

Be a Volunteer!

If you would like to assist with any of our upcoming projects, we would be thrilled to receive your help. You don’t need to be a Moorabool Catchment Member, simply show up on the day of the project. You can find the latest information on our Facebook page, or email us at