We have been successful in securing funding from DELWP to undertake rabbit control works. Control efforts will be focussed in the Meredith/Steiglitz area, as these have been identified to achieve the best cost-benefit outcomes. 

We are currently distributing our fauna monitoring cameras amongst our members to collection important data on our local wildlife.

Volunteers took water samples from 18 sites in the Moorabool Catchment. Using exciting new technology known as EnviroDNA or eDNA, these water samples were tested for Platypus DNA fragments to tell us the abundance and distribution of Platypus in the Moorabool River systems.

Gardens for Wildlife is a voluntary program for land holders who are interested creating wildlife habitats on their property. The program aims to bring the community together to support our local plants and animals and increase our understanding of the region’s unique wildlife.

Weed Control

We assist landholders undertake invasive plant control through a number of projects and assistance schemes. Most recently we delivered a Gorse control program with funding from the Victorian Gorse Taskforce. We were able to undertake 28 hectares of Gorse control.

We host a number of educational seminars and events every year for members and the public to learn more about conservation, sustainability and land management. 


We support our members to plant a minimum of 15,000 plants each year. Opportunities for larger scale bio-link wildlife corridors are also a priority for the group. 

We are always open to ideas for projects. Whether it’s weed control, a community event, educational or innovative we would love to hear your ideas

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